Winter Entertainment in Dhaka


Winter is here! No more stifling heat!! Now is the time for good food, rooftop BBQs, friends, and warm clothes. Winter is the time to enjoy a little more. The actual fun of winter can only be enjoyed in the rural areas. However, it might not be possible for everyone to go to villages, so we came up with some ways to entertain ourselves in the city.

We know winter is here when you see people making badminton courts in front of the buildings or wherever they find an open place. Though it’s not our local game, still it has become quite a popular winter sport in Bangladesh. And it is actually a good way to keep yourself warm and healthy.


Winter is the perfect time to arrange a Barbeque Party and city dwellers love to do it. All you need is your rooftop or lawn. The warmth of the coals and friends and loved ones around on a foggy night will soothe our soul and the mouthwatering foods will satisfy our stomach.

Pitha stalls sprout up around every corner with the first draft of winter air. It has become a business, because of which dwellers in the city also get to enjoy the specialty. There are several people who turn into the pitha business only during the winter. Eating Pithas in Bangladesh is like an occasion in itself. It is a way of expressing joy at the arrival of the new harvest and also celebrating our relationships with our families, friends and neighbours. It is an art form and an age-old tradition. There’s the Shundori pakon, phul pitha, nakshi pitha, jamai pitha, lobongo lotika, pata pitha, hridoi horon and bou pitha and so many. So make sure you eat pithas this winter and spread the joy!

In winter, many cultural programs are held. Concerts, music festivals and winter fairs are organized almost every weekend. If you miss the fairs of winter, you’ll miss the real entertainment of winter. Music festivals can soothe your soul in every way and if you are a hard-rock music lover, there’s also concerts like Rockfest to entertain you.

If you want to spend the time with your family, then you should go to watch a movie at the Cineplex. The Star Cineplex and Blockbuster Cineplex are quite classy and they provide an aristocratic touch.

If you are a sports fan, then there are also some options for you. No one is ever unhappy in the alley of Bowling. You’ll enjoy every shot at the bowling alley of the Jamuna Future Park. You can also visit the Karaoke or the Pool ground.


If you can get out of the city, then make sure to visit the swampy areas of Bangladesh. Winter Guest birds from the Himalayas and far away places like Siberia move to relatively warm swampy lands in Bangladesh to escape the freezing cold, and feed on snails and tiny fishes, which are abundant during this time of the year in the rice crops in haors, baors and the swamps in the coastal areas. Birds start arriving from early November and stay till March-April. An estimated 500,000 birds, about 150 species, mainly duck travel to Bangladesh each winter. The wetland environment, some of the famous species that visit Hakaluki include the great crested grebe, widgeon, egret, large egret, heron, night heron, and snipe.

So, enjoy winter and enjoy the culture. But make sure whatever you do, stay warm! Don’t go outside without putting on warm clothes as it’s the season of flu and other cold related diseases. If you are careful, then the winter will entertain you even in the city.