Wrapping Gifts


Comprehension Activity for students of class 4 – 6

Read the passage thoroughly, download the questions given below and solve it.


Georgina hated wrapping Christmas gifts. It was hard to make them look good. Her sister, Jeannette, could make presents look like they belonged in a catalogue. She could wrap that good. She knew where to put the bows, how to make the ribbons curly, and how to really make them look classy. It was almost a shame to open her gifts, sometimes, because of the way it ruined the wrapping jobs. In contrast, Georgina’s gifts usually looked lame, as if someone had sat upon them. She couldn’t fold and cut cleanly, and the presents just looked sad under the tree, no matter how she tried. No one complimented her wrapping, and they certainly didn’t hesitate to tear off and throw away her wasted colourful papers.

This year, she had a plan, though. She would customize her wrapping job for each of her family members, starting with her brother. Her brother liked UFO’s and knights. So, she took all of his gifts, wrapped them in aluminium foil to make them shiny, and then put dragon and star stickers all over them. They looked really nice reflecting the lights of the Christmas tree.

For her perfect sister, Jeannette, it would be hard to make things girlie enough. Jeannette was a bit prissy and very careful about her appearance. To make fun of this, all of her gifts were wrapped in pink and red tissue papers, tied with colourful hair ties, and then small compact mirrors hung from them, so she could see herself opening her gifts. It was a fun idea.

Dad was goofy, so she bought tabloid papers from the store. He always laughed about the Bigfoot stories and other crazy fake news inside the pages. Now his gifts were covered with scandalous stories and ridiculous tales. He’d definitely laugh as he opened his gifts.

Mom was so hard-working but managed to still stay feminine. It was hard to figure out her gift-wrapping. Finally, Georgina decided to wrap all the gifts up in a bag that was actually an apron with mom’s name on it. Then she sprayed it with perfume and put small perfume samples in the apron pocket. She was done, and she couldn’t wait until the morning to see people’s reactions!

The next morning, everyone was shocked and pleasantly surprised about how thoughtful and cool her wrapping job was. Even perfect Jeannette was amazed, and very impressed. Everyone thanked her, and they probably liked the wrapping better than the gifts inside, but they had a wonderful time together, and that’s what really counted.