A proper bowling action is a must


Shohag Gazi is the latest of many bowlers that have been banned from bowling because of suspect, or should I say illegal bowling actions. Now what does that mean? Simply put, the bowling elbow cannot bend more than 15 degrees when the ball is being released. Now why is that illegal? Because when you’re bending your arm during the point of delivery, and if you’re a spinner, you get extra spin which would put the bowler at an unfair advantage. As a fast bowler, you get extra pace and sometimes even swing and bounce.

Now many could argue that the game of cricket is already unfair for the bowlers with more batsman friendly pitches and shorter boundaries, but there has been no law in cricket that disallows these. Furthermore, since cricket originated from England and was meant for the wealthy to play – as a result being called the gentleman’s game – the batsmen were always meant to be keep pristine, or unhurt. They were meant to be dismissed without being physically damaged.

So if you’re looking to become a proper bowler then follow proper rules. Because ending up like Gazi would hurt you even more. On the flipside, he is confident of working out his issues and returning to international bowling. If you need any further clarification on bowling properly, here is a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k78_RmwmH0M