Big Hero 6


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a robot that understands your every feeling and helps you overcome difficult times? But, our technology has not yet reached the point where we can make such artificial companion. Yet, that did not bind our imaginations, which led the great directors to the idea of making Big Hero 6. This amazing Disney picture is an action-packed animated adaptation of the same-titled superhero comic of the Marvels. The movie is an unconventional story that focuses on the power of brotherhood, friendship, and using your gifts to help others. One of the film's main theme is about coping with grief, as the main character, Hiro's beloved elder brother tragically dies early in the film. There are intense confrontations between the movie's scary super villain and the protagonists that injures but don't kill people. On the other hand, the central robot, Baymax, was designed to heal not hurt, and his moral code influences other characters in positive ways. With its refreshingly diverse cast and uplifting message, Big Hero 6 is a captivating adventure story for the entire family.

Baymax has become a symbol of goodness already. This ten-feet-tall inflatable and impeccably well-mannered robot was created by Hiro’s elder brother, Tadashi. Baymax was created to help the mankind, he has the power to detect pain and heal anyone. Actually, he is a strangely lovable, inflatable robot programmed to provide medical attention. This robot can not only scan human body and detect any kind of pain or disease, but also has the power to heal the pain.

But this friendly and polite robot turns into a killing machine when Hiro becomes obsessed about taking revenge of his brother’s death. The whole movie is certainly enthusiastic, challenging, and bold which will keep the viewers engaged till the end.

Ryan Potter voices Hiro (which may be heard as “hero”), the lonely young teen with a genius for technology who finds himself the owner of the prototype new robot, Baymax. However, four more people are present in this story to heal Hiro’s pain and eventually they end up with joining Hiro and Baymax. Gogo, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, Tadashi’s former lab partners, each of whom has an engineering specialty (electromagnets, lasers and plastics) to bring to the fight. The sixth is Fred, a self-professed comic-book geek whose crime-fighting costume is a rubber Daikaiju suit, and who, during various elaborate battles with the team’s masked nemesis, gleefully shouts out whatever special move he’s about to pull off – “Super jump!”, “Fire breath!”, and so on like an eight-year-old playing with an action figure. It’s no more than a throw away gag in a film teeming with them, but it’s a completely delightful touch. The whole movie is filled with excitement, humour, and love that made the movie worth watching.