Magic Kingdom | Disney World


Florida is well known for its beaches and beautiful weather and tourist attractions like The Walt Disney World. I have been to Florida and had the opportunity to visit some of the world’s great attractions including Magic Kingdom- Disney World, Universal Studios, and beautiful beaches. Everyone dreams about visiting the Disney world when they are young and even when they grow old. We like to believe in magic and Disney world makes that dream into a reality.


It is an ultimate vacation place for both the young and the old. The beaches in Florida are perfect. There are a lot beach activities for kids and adults like surfing, windsurfing, roller blading, cycling, snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving, beach volleyball, beach soccer to name a few. The amazing view can take your breath away.

Walt Disney World like Disneyland in California is located in Orlando and is a dreamland. It is the biggest theme park in the world. A magnificent place, especially if you are young. It is the most visited vacation resort in the world. You need one whole day to finish seeing only one park. There are four theme parks in Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Magic kingdom is the most popular and the biggest.

The main street of the Magic Kingdom, which I visited, is beautiful. Cartoon characters like Mickey, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck playing with everyone. You can see Cinderella’s magical castle. The adventure land has Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

The Magic carpet ride of Aladdin is where you can fly and view the world like Aladdin and Genie. The Frontier land has Splash Mountain, where you are dropped through a mountain and waterfall; it’s a bit scary but so much fun. I remember getting scared while getting into it, but after it was finished; I wanted to go on one more time. The haunted mansion is also scary, but I am sure everyone likes to get a little scared sometimes and have fun. I went to Ariel’s undersea adventure. I loved how the little mermaid lived and it was a great experience to see the world under the ocean. There are also new rides opening every year like Snow White and Seven Dwarfs in 2014. Disney understands children and gives them a magical world to wander in.

The Universal Studios are also a fun place to visit. If you love movies and have a sense for adventure, Universal Studios is the place to visit.

Jaws The Ride is an awesome scary and entertaining ride. My family and I went on a boat and suddenly the boat starts to shake, and you wonder what is happening. Then all of a sudden a big shark tilts the boat on one side, then again on another side and everyone starts to scream. Then when you think it finally ended it comes back again and from the front to eat the boat and the people.

Star Trek Ride was a fun way to experience how it will be in space and travel in a spaceship. You will see stars and other space ships and you have to fight with bad guys who are shooting at you.

In Terminator-2 3D ride, you will go to future and fight robots.

ET adventure, Transformers 3D, Spiderman, Mummy, Hulk, Simpsons, Jurassic Park ride are other very popular rides and adventures.

 If you love the ocean and animals, Sea World in Orlando is the place to visit. You can swim with the dolphins and see whales. You can see live sharks underwater while you walk through the tunnel and even have dinner while watching them over and beside you swimming. There are other fun water rides as well. You can also surf, scuba dive etc. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to many animals from the world and has a safari ride. The Lion King’s lair tells the story of how the Lion King lived.

You can visit with your family or friends, but you must visit Florida and Disney even if you grow old, it will bring out the child in you. I had such a wonderful and magical time, I didn’t want to leave. I made one promise to myself that day that I would go back again someday.