Cycling for Kids


Dhaka is a city without playgrounds. Parents constantly sigh over the golden days when they would run to the playground the moment they got back home from school and play until dusk. Now there is not much scope for children to play outdoors and school playgrounds are an idea of dreams. To fill that gap we at thinks cycling can be a good option for children to improve their physical and mental health.

Bicycles are often used by people seeking to improve their fitness and cardiovascular health. In this regard, cycling is especially helpful for children to keep them fit. Since cycling can be used for the practical purpose of transportation, there can be less need for self-discipline to exercise. Cycling while seated is a relatively non-weight bearing exercise that, like swimming, does little to promote bone density. Cycling up and out of the saddle, on the other hand, does a better job by transferring more of the rider’s body weight to the legs.

In recent years, cycling has become a trend for the Bangladeshi youngsters, and a group named BD Cyclists has been established which consists of the cyclists of Bangladesh. They are organising events on cycling and children love to join in their events. On special occasions rides are declared to celebrate. There were rides to celebrate Eid, Victory Day, Women’s Day, Pahela Baishakh and many more. On BDC’s first birthday, more than 200 members showed up to celebrate with a ride through Dhaka. Recently they organised their first time trial to test the performance levels of their enthusiastic riders.

In Dhaka, you can buy a bicycle of your choice from several places. But it would be better to look at Bangshal as it is the heaven of bicycles. Starting from 5000 Taka, there is trendy imported bicycles worth of 50000-70000 Taka. You don’t have to cross a budget of 10000 Taka to buy a bicycle for your child. Make sure you provide him/her the maximum safety, don’t forget to buy gloves and helmet.

Train your child properly before you let them ride on their own. The Ramna Park, Zia Uddan, Suhrawardy Udyan are the best places for kids to ride bicycle.