Draw the Word!


It can safely be assumed that there is no one who has passed his or her childhood without playing any guessing game. One of the most popular among them is the one where someone draws something and others get to guess what that means.

Pictionary is a game that is based on that idea. It just adds a board and some cards, and voila! You have this wonderful board game.

Primarily, this game needs the game board, a dice, the cards and some teams. Pen and paper can be taken from anywhere, although it usually comes with the game set.

The board is a square one, with some squares drawn on it. Those squares are lined in a way that the players start from a square from one end of the line and finish on the one at the other end of the line.

Each square is of different colours, with letters on it. Usually there are 5 types of markings:

P indicates Person/Place/Animal

O means Object

A is used for Action

D points to Difficult (words which are difficult to represent in a drawing)

AP stands for All Play


Pictionary is meant for 4 teams, as a general rule. Each team take turns in rolling the dice. Whichever team gets the highest number from the dice plays first; and then the team with the lower number, and so on.

To play, from each team a member is nominated to be the 'drawer', the one who will draw whatever he sees on the card. The drawer takes a card and stares at it for 5 seconds—without letting any teammate see it—thinking over what to draw in order that others can understand what is written on that card. Then he starts his drawing.

Using any letter or number in the drawing is forbidden.

The ‘drawer’ gets 60 seconds (the game set usually contains a timer) to finish. After that his team members have to guess what that drawing represents. In other words, the team members have to guess what was written on the card from his drawing.

If his teammates guess the word on the card before the timer runs out, they get to roll the die, pick another card and draw again. And if they can not guess the word in time, they pass the die to the team on the left, who begins by drawing a word card.

This way, through a lot of labour and laughter and failure and fun, the game continues until a team reaches the final square on the board and is announced the winner!