Endless pain


The ongoing political rivals has killed many innocent people and has injured  a lot of  people. People's sufferings are innumerable here.

The saddest thing is that many kids have been burnt by petrol bomb and now the kids life is in peril  and has caused endless pain in their life. The kids don't know what their fault to be burnt.

Actually in our country  in January the students get  promotion for the new classes and it is the starting of the semester.

But after 5 January  all the schools and colleges are closed and  students couldn't go the institutions and not getting  their  education. They are confined  at their home.

In English Medium in January  the IGCSE and IAL exams held. But unfortunately  on 21 and 22nd January due to   the calling of 48 hour shutdown all the exams were cancelled. With the cancellations the students will not be able to sit these exams which are held simultaneously around the world in the current session.

Many of these students wont be able to participate in the upcoming BUET and other Universities examinations and Overseas universities.
Salina Yasmin
Vice-Principal, Northern International School