Fly High Up The Sky With The Little Blue Guy!


Peddy is a tiny bird with two tiny wings, but he has a big dream. He wants to fly!
And to do that, he needs your help.

Tiny Bird Adventure is an Android game in which you need to help a cute fluffy little bird fly, with the help of the slopes and mountains.

The background of the game is basically a terrain with occasional trees. The road on which Peddy smoothly slides is mainly hills, in the beginning. After a while, though, they turn into mountains. Your task is to make the bird slide properly so he can be thrust into the air with the momentum gained from travelling down the slopes.

You need to press the screen of your smartphone and hold it while your bird is going downhill, and release just before it reaches the valley of the slope.
Up will go your blue little bird!

It is just a simple matter of velocity. And your timing needs to be good.

On your way, you will find other birds just like you. Make friends with them, they will join you on your journey.

There will appear yellow balls lying around on the way. These are coins. Getting coins will increase your score.

Also, there will be blue balls, which are gravity balls. These gravity balls will enable your birds to surpass gravity and soar high into the sky!

This avian adventure continues from one island to another. When the birds are on the edge of the island, they automatically go into "fever mode" and floats up high into the cloud until they reach the next piece of land.

This is actually a pretty interesting game, which might have become boring after playing for a while. But guess what? You need to go on with your tiny friends on a race against time. All the time the blue little creatures are trying to fly, the sun is dropping down the horizon. So, you need to go as far as you can before night comes. A wonderful challenge, do you not think so?

And of course, you will be given specific goals to reach, like, collecting 10 coins, getting a friend (another bird), and etcetera.

By the way, there is a game for Apple devices called Tiny Wings, which is almost the same as Tiny Bird Adventure. So, if you want to play on your iPhone, just go ahead!

Hope you have a great time!