Simple Present Tense


The Present Simple Tense is, generally, used to refer to the current time. It is also used to talk about facts, for giving your opinion, to talk about daily habits, etc.

For Example: I am at the park now. (current time)

                       I like to eat ice-cream. ( an opinion)

                       Sarah goes to the gym everyday. (daily habits)

                       The Sun rises in the east. (a fact)


  • When using verbs in the present simple tense form for He/She/It, add an “s” in the end of the verbs.
  • When using verbs with Do/Does/Don’t/Doesn’t, do not add the “s” in the end of the verbs.


** You can download the worksheet given below. A Worksheet is given below which you can download and give it to your students/children.