Stand-up Comedians Under 18


Bill Cosby, Robin Williams to our very own Naveed Mahbub- stand-up comedians never fail to crack us up. Stand-up comedy is perhaps one of the most challenging forms of performance art, as it is done in front of a live audience and can be an instant hit or miss. Although the theme of stand-up comedies varies amid a wide range of topics, the most popular of them are usually mature content. Amongst all the adult jokes and toilet humour, we bring to you 3 stand-up comedians who deliver perfectly clean comedy, as all of them are still under 18.

Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll became famous at the age of 14 when he became the runner-up of the seventh series of Britain’s Got Talent. Jack was born on 15 May 1998 in Yorkshire, England. He started performing when he was 12. Besides stand-up comedy, Jack also stars in TV series. What makes his acts unique is that the subject matters often revolve around cerebral palsy, a disease he suffers from. He won the “Pride of Britain” award in the “Teenager of Courage” category in 2012. He has also signed a deal to write an autobiography.
Here’s a glimpse of his hilarity:


Zachary Alexander Rice


This happy-go-lucky kid started singing and performing at the age of 2. Zach was born in Irvine, California and is currently 10 years old. He has been working in movies, television and commercials since he was only 4, his break being through a movie. Zachary is part of the gifted and talented program. He does hip-hop, horse riding, kickboxing, guitar, drama apart from stand-up comedy and he hasn’t reached the five foot threshold yet!
Catch him in action here.

Andy Scott Harris

Andy started doing films and commercials since he was four. By age ten, he was the lead actor in an award winning short film called “The Closet”. He was born on 11 February 1998, in Kiev, Ukraine. His comedy troupe is called “Standing Tall Comedy Kids & Teens”. He is also a regular performer at the Improv Comedy Club. Due to his impeccable performance in a TV series, he is called the “one-take wonder”. He won the Young Artist Award in 2011 for Best Performance in a Short Film category. Andy is over 6 feet tall and can do a unique tuck-and-fold trick with his ears which he calls “Ear Origami”. Check it out here:

At a tender age, these youngsters have shown their talent and made a mark. We sure hope to see more of them in the future.