Success News of Cherry Blossoms International School

ছবি : সংগৃহীত

Cherry Blossoms International School from its inception is devoted to the great cause of building tomorrow’s nation builders. This year, students of the institution achieved exceptional results in both O’levels and A ‘levels. A total of 9 candidates in O’levels and 1 candidate in A’levels completed their high school journey with extraordinary result. Top performers in O’Level are Faraiz Haque, Faysal Ibne Zaman Rupok, Ikteder Akhand Udoy, Istiaq Ahmed, Marium Sana Mim, Mirza Ahmed Shayer, Nafees Hasan, Rizvi Hasan and Sajid Rahman and A-Level is Regina Kasem. Rizvi Hossain, an O’level student has achieved “Mathematics World’s Highest” and “Mathematics Country Highest” score. Achieving world’s highest score is a matter of pride for the whole nation.

Principal of Cherry Blossoms International School, Mrs Shaleha Kader said, “I am really proud of my students for their outstanding results. I must say Cherry Blossoms International School will continue its journey with the utmost devotion and care to academic and extra-academic activities.”