Tag ,You’re It!


Tag is a very popular children’s game. It is a fun and easy game to play. We used to play this game when we were little. Even our parents used to play this game during their childhood. It is very simple and easy to play, and there is no winning or losing. Just lots of fun.

Traditional Tag (ছোঁয়াছুয়ি)

In the most common version of tag, a person is chosen as ‘It’ or ‘চোর’ (Chor) In Bangla. ‘It’ will then have to run around and chase the other players trying to catch them. If ‘It’ manages to touch someone, then the touched person becomes ‘It’. Then the new player who became ‘It’ will run around and try to make someone else the ‘It’ by touching them.

Reverse Tag

This is the exact opposite of the traditional version of tag. In this version, ‘It’ doesn’t chase the others, rather the others chase him/her.

Freeze Tag (বরফ পানি)

We know this game very well by the name of ‘বরফ পানি’ (Baraf Pani). When ‘It’ touches someone, the person touched freezes and can’t move. The frozen person can only move when someone else comes and rescues him by touching and unfreezing him. If ‘It’ manages to freeze everyone, then he will no longer be ‘It’ and he will decide who becomes the next ‘It’.

All in Tag

The person who becomes ‘It’ remains ‘It’ throughout the game, and anyone he touches or tags become the ‘It’ alongside him. The game continues until there is no one left to tag.

Blind Man’s Buff (কানা মাছি)

Blind Man’s Buff is a very popular tag game and we know it very well as ‘কানা মাছি’ (Kana Machi) A player moves around wearing a blindfold on his eyes while the other run around him. When he manages to touch someone, his turn with the blindfold ends and the person he touched will then wear it instead of him.  

 So kids what are you waiting for! Go outside and have fun!!