Work it out, Kids


Workout. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear this word. Oh, it’s only for athletes or overweight people. I used to think that teenagers only worked out when they needed to shed excess weight or gain muscles. Our perceptions have been shattered now when we see that the underlying connotation of working out has changed from negative to positive and people have started finding working out more ‘cool’ than ‘uncool’. Now even children can ‘work out’ through these fun but effective games. Check out the workout exercises for kids below for more inspiration.

  1. Get your own kicks through this indoor soccer game



Bangladeshi kids are often bound inside their homes. Fear not. With indoor-soccer at your disposal, you can try your leg at soccer. Get the ball kicking and rolling down by setting up a simple soccer-goal-style target made by hanging a sheet over a piece of string or rope. Or, you can label a doorway as your goal-post.





  1. Customize your own Twister-style game

Outline simple shapes on the floor including circles, triangles, squares and diamonds with colored tape. Then call out commands: "Drop your knee on a square," "Hop to a diamond," “Cross your leg to a triangle” and so on and so forth. Play until you drop and collapse just like you would when working out.

  1. Play volleyball with a balloon


Drape yarn, string, or ribbon across the expanse of an area of space. And then set yourself to spike it up with a simple homemade volleyball that can be made from loft balloons, beach balls, or large crumpled pieces of paper.

Keep tabs for more of these kids’ workout exercises. They sure won’t disappoint.