Reasons Why Boxing Is The Most Difficult Sport


Boxing is probably the toughest sport out there. There are thousands of sports around the world, and it’s impossible to say which one is the most difficult, but of all the well-known sports, there is no sport that is more challenging than this 2000-year-old game that we know by the name BOXING. Given below are 3 reasons why I believe boxing deserves to be recognised as the most difficult sport of today:
It’s very painful
Boxing is very painful because it’s all about fighting. The main purpose of the game is to try and knock out your opponent. To knock him out, you have to keep punching and hitting him repeatedly until a point where he can’t fight anymore due to pain and exhaustion.
But other popular sports like cricket and football have no fighting involved in them. Physical battles occur in football and basketball, but there’s no fighting happening there. In football, for example, you have no chance of getting hurt unless you run into one of your opponents. If you’re dribbling the ball down the field, and one of your opponents trips you, you fall to the ground and can get a little hurt. Usually, the pain is very little, and you can still continue playing the rest of the game without having the minor pain of that fall affecting you at all. This happens quite a lot, and only in about 1 out of 10 cases does a player get so badly hurt that they have to go to the hospital.
But things are not so easy for boxing athletes. Professional boxers have to stay inside the ring (the boxing ring) for 12 rounds of 3 minutes per each round. And in that time, they have to endure a lot of pain as they get hit again and again and again. Pain can slow you down, and make you tired. That’s why boxing is so hard because boxers have to have the mental strength to tolerate pain and still continue fighting without letting their pain affect their performance. Plus, you need to have a lot of stamina to keep fighting for 12 rounds. So a boxer has to prepare himself mentally as well as physically for each boxing bout.
It’s a game of strategy
 Another factor that makes boxing more difficult than the other sports is that there are mind games involved in it. Boxing is not just about fighting. It’s about technique. When you throw a punch at your opponent, he will either dodge or block his face/body with his hands. He may then Counterpunch you and if the punch is strong enough, it can cause serious damage to you. So the timing and speed of a punch are very important. And plus each boxer has his own style and has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are more aggressive while some are better at the counterattacks. So if you want to knock your opponent out, you must attack their weaknesses and be aware of their strengths. So therefore a boxer has to think very carefully when he’s facing his opponent. He must think hard before making his next move.
It’s not a team sport
 Boxing matches are 1 on 1 fights. This means that a boxer has to deal with his opponent alone. There’s no one to help him. He has to do it all by himself. In team sports like football and basketball, your teammates can give you backup whenever you make a mistake. But that is impossible in boxing. If you make 1 mistake, that mistake can ruin the whole match for you. 1 bad move and your opponent will hit you with a punch so hard that it will instantly knock you out. Therefore, boxing is not the kind of game for those people who like to depend on others. It’s a game for lone-wolves. And if you’re one of those people who work better alone than as a member of a team, then boxing is the right game for you.